The Society was founded in July 2009, by Mr. Jagmohan Lal Kale; retired civil servant who spent more than 30 years serving various communities in India and UK. Mr. Kale has held many offices such as Treasurer, Secretary and Advisor to various committees.
The adhoc committee wanted to have a Non-Profitable, Non-Religious and Non-Political Society for the diverse populations. And so was founded the Punjabi Cultural Society Cambridge.
By uniting our community, we build friendships, organise social gatherings and events, educate our young and the wider community about who we are, our beliefs and our culture.
And most importantly, bring Punjabi Culture to Cambridge !
AIMS of Punjabi Cultural Society -
1.  To unite the Punjabi community and enable them to promote its culture.
2.  To encourage and enable senior members to lead an active, healthier and independent life.
3.  To encourage and support young members to become more active in the community.
4.  To build positive relationships with other community groups.
5.  To offer help to other organisations engaged in improving the environment.
OBJECTIVES of Punjabi Cultural Society -
1.  To organize " Mel Milaap "(Get together) centre to enable members to meet regularly.  To arrange day outings and short breaks.
2.  To organize social and cultural events celebrating festivals and days of national importance.
3.  To organize fund raising events with dual purpose of promoting the society and gaining funds.
4.  To offer advice and assistance to members when appropriate.
5.  To undertake any other activity which enhances the image of the society, Punjabi community and improves the environment.
Commitee members:
Chairman:                  Mr Jagmohan Lal Kale
Assistant Secretary:  Mr Vikrant Sharma
Assistant Secretary:  Mr Balan Sishupalan
Treasurer:                  Mr Vikrant Sharma 
Membership is by application. The annual membership is £10 and the benefits of membership will include free or reduced price events. An application form is available on the contact us page. Cheques should be made payable to "Punjabi Cultural Society Cambridge".
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